Anand Jawade, a student of IIT-HOME has been declared as the Maharashtra State Topper in the recently declared XII Board results of Maharashtra State Board. Anand has scored 638 marks (98.15.%) out of 650. He has scored 100% marks in Mathematics and 97 and 98 marks respectively in Physics and Chemistry making his PCM group total 295 out of 300 (98.33%). Anand said on the occasion that he himself is surprised by his result, which he was not expecting at all. He mentioned that XII board was never his primary focus during his two year preparation at IIT-HOME for JEE Main and Andvanced at IIT-HOME, but the guidance he received at the institute has helped him a lot to manage preparation for XII Boards along with the competitive exams. He wishes to give full credit of his unbelievable success to IIT-HOME.

Anand Jawade, Maharashtra State Topper in XII State Board

Durgesh Agrawal, the second Topper from IIT-HOME has scored 632 marks (97.23%). Durgesh scored 100% marks in Mathematics as well as Physics, with a PCM group tally of 291 marks out of 300 (97%). 

Durgesh Agrawal, Maharashtra State Board second Topper from IIT-HOME

The batch results are being compiled and will be updated soon on this page. 

Ms. Nisha Kothari, the founder and Managing Director of IIT-HOME said in the occasion that when the motive is pure and efforts are sincere, success is a natural bi-product. She said that this is the beginning for the year and IIT-HOME awaits many more laudable achievements in JEE Advanced.