As of a testimony to IIT-Home’s legacy of producing consistent JEE toppers and qualifiers, its 2019 batch of students have achieved commendable success in the JEE Main 2019 January attempt. As per the results declared by JEE Main, a total of 58 students of IIT-HOME have stood in the top 1% by scoring more than 99 percentile. 250 out of 666 students from IIT-HOME have scored more than 95 percentile, and 418 students scored more than 90 percentile marks which is a benchmark for very good performance in the examination.

JEE MAIN 2019 Infographic.001

The cut-off for qualifying JEE Main is being speculated to be 70 percentile. A total of 606 students out of the enrolled 666 at IIT-HOME have secured more than 70 percentile result leading to a success ratio of 90.9%. This is the highest success rate achieved by any institute at All India level. This year, JEE Main shall be a two attempt examination. Students may appear for the examination twice and the better of their performances would be accounted. Only 60 students (9 % of students) from IIT-HOME have failed to qualify the expected JEE Main cut-off. These students have a second chance to qualify the examination in April this year.

With 99.9555144 percentile score overall, Abhishek Gandhi is IIT-Home JEE Main 2019 topper. Followed by Palash Sharma 99.9321903, Shivanshu Jain 99.9019287, Krushna Bhattad 99.9005202 are the top 4 scorers. Palash Sharma with 100 percentile in Physics, Rushi Yerawar with 99.9871627 percentile in Chemistry, and Faizan Sheikh with 99.9724914 percentile in Maths are subject-wise IIT-HOME toppers in JEE Main 2019 January attempt.

Speaking on the results, IIT-Home’s founder Nisha Kothari said, “Being their very first attempt, we are extremely proud of all our students who cracked JEE Main 2019. IIT-HOME has always strived to attain 100% result in JEE Main such that all of its students qualify the exam. With the ”best of two” policy of JEE Main, we are likely to achieve that goal this year.”

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