All students presently studying in Std. V to X, as on 1st July 2018, are eligible to appear for the examination irrespective of the education board they are studying under.


The registered students appear for the 4SIES examination, which is a single stage process conducted only once annually. This is followed by an Introductory Session, wherein the 4SIES Evaluation Reports are explained to the students and parents. The session also introduces the concept and idea of the Yearlong Guidance Program which is radically different than conventional tuition classes. Students interested in joining the Yearlong Guidance Program in the upcoming academic year are required to compulsorily attend the Introductory Session.

  • The Examination Registration Charges (inclusive of all taxes) for 4SIES 2018 are ₹ 500/- (Rupees Five Hundred Only). The charges are to be paid online through a debit card/credit card/internet banking at the time of registration. Please note that there is no provision for offline payment of the charges in cash/cheque or demand draft.
  • Registration Charges once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • Students from economically weak background, who are unable to afford the Examination Registration Charges can avail the Means cum Merit Scholarship to appear for the examination at subsidised registration charges on submission of required documents. For details, please contact IIT-HOME office.
  • Please note that there is no provision for registering for 4SIES 2018 offline at IIT-HOME office. You are requested not to contact at the office for exam registration. Parents finding the online process inconvenient, may call IIT-HOME office for assistance.
  • Please visit ‘Registration Guidelines’ to have a complete overview of the online registration procedure for 4SIES 2018.
  • If you have difficulties in finding internet access or have any other problems in filling the application form, you may visit the ‘Facilitation Center’ at IIT-HOME office during the Online Registration Slot, between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm.
  • For more information, please visit FAQs.

It is to inform you that 4SIES would not be conducted in the month of July 2018. Team YGP is working on remodeling the program to better achieve its core objectives. The 4SIES examination is therefore postponed untill further notice. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused, if any.


What does 4SIES stand for?

4SIES stands for the 4 types of tests –S: Subject Knowledge, IQ: General Intelligence, EQ: Emotional Aptitude and SQ: Spiritual Perception, which the students are introduced to during the exam. It is pronounced as ‘Foresee’ which is the underlying objective of the examination to make students foresee their career.

Who is eligible to register for 4SIES 2018?

The 4SIES (pronounced as Foresee) is an innovative examination for high school students studying in Std. V, VI, VII, VIII, IX and X, as on 1st July 2018, to help them revisit and ruminate on their school syllabus.

What is the syllabus for 4SIES 2018?

The syllabus for 4SIES is the past year syllabus prescribed to students in their schools. The examination is not bound by limited syllabus but aims to make students think openly beyond their syllabus with the help of what they have learnt as a part of their regular syllabus.

What should I study for 4SIES 2018?

Students are not expected to do any preparation for 4SIES. The exam intends to test their thinking ability and not their knowledge.

What is Introductory Session?

Introductory Session is a unique session conducted only by IIT-HOME before offering admissions to selected students to its Yearlong Guidance Program. The session introduces the concept and idea behind the Yearlong Guidance Program at IIT-HOME to assist eligible students/parents to take an informed and wise decision. It is therefore mandatory for 4SIES qualified students to attend the session along with one parent. Failing to attend the session will lead to cancellation of eligibility of the candidate for admission to IIT-HOME.

I will be coming for 4SIES 2018 from outside Nagpur. How should I plan my Travel?

The reporting time for 4SIES 2018 will be 1:30 pm sharp on Sunday, 1st July 2018. The students will be free latest by 6:00 pm on the same day. Candidates travelling to Nagpur for the exam may plan their travel accordingly.

Will there be regular classes under the Yearlong Guidance Program?

The Yearlong Guidance Program aims at taking care of the school academics of Science, Mathematics & general English in minimum time and spend the extra time thus saved on other creative and developmental activities. Under YGP, students would have the freedom to choose their level of engagement. Students shall be given ‘do it yourself’ assignments for the rest of their time.

What will be covered in the YGP classes?

YGP will primarily focus on Communication (general English), Science and Mathematical ability of the students. YGP will also be focussing on guiding students to discover their own career interest through different activities, and promote them to learn the art of self-learning.


How can I register for 4SIES 2018?

The registration procedure for 4SIES 2018 will open online on IIT-HOME website as mentioned in the Important Dates section on this page. The complete details of the registration procedure can be found under Registration Guidelines.

What documents are required for 4SIES registration?

No documents are required for 4SIES registration. Students need an email id (may be of parents) and a means of online payment like debit/credit card or internet banking facility to register for 4SIES.

What are the registration charges for 4SIES 2018?

The Examination Registration Charges (inclusive of all taxes) for 4SIES 2018 are ₹ 500/- (Rupees Five Hundred Only). The charges are inclusive of the examination, evaluation report, and introductory session for qualified candidates. The charges are to be paid online through a debit card/credit card/internet banking at the time of registration. Please note that there is no provision for offline payment of the charges in cash/cheque or demand draft.

What should I do, if I do not have an e-mail id for registration?

If you do not have an email id, you may create a new email id from any of the renowned email service provider – gmail.com/rediff.com/yahoo.com etc. It is easy and free to create a new email account. If you do not have easy access to the Internet, you may use an email id of your friend/relative, who uses it regularly. The registered email id will be used for important communication with you till the admission procedure.

What should I do, if I do not have a debit card/credit card or internet banking account?

If you do not have a debit card/credit card or Internet banking account, you may request a friend/relative, who is using any of the above-mentioned means of online payment, to pay the registration charges on your behalf. There is no provision to pay the registration charges offline in cash/cheque or DD.

What would happen if I submit the registration form with incorrect information?

There is no provision to make any corrections in the application form once you have completed the registration. In case of corrections, you will be required to register afresh and pay the registration charges again. It is therefore strongly advised that you double check your details in the application form before submitting it. Students appearing for 4SIES with incorrect information in the application form may be disqualified by the management.

What can I do if it is impossible for me to arrange for internet access?

For applicants who are finding it difficult to complete the registration procedure online, a ‘Facilitation Centre’ would be operational at IIT-HOME from 11:00am to 5:00pm on Saturdays only during the Online Registration Slots. Please note that the facilitation centre will only assist candidates with the application procedure and there will be no arrangements for offline payment of registration fees at the facilitation centre. Candidates will be required to carry with them a valid mode of online payment.


What are the class timings at IIT-HOME for YGP?

Classes of YGP at IIT-HOME will be conducted in evening hours between 6:00 pm and 8:00pm on weekdays & Saturdays. On few Sundays, some activities may be scheduled in the morning hours between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm.

I am not a resident of Nagpur. Can I join YGP ?

You are eligible to join YGP for attending activities scheduled on weekends. Further details about weekend activities will be announced in the Introductory Session.

What is the fee structure for YGP?

The fee structure for the YGP will be announced in the Introductory Session.

I am from an economically weak family.Will IIT-HOME offer me Scholarships?

IIT-HOME offers a ‘Means cum Merit’ Scholarship to students who qualify 4SIES but have financial difficulties to afford IIT-HOME fees. Eligible students are required to apply for the scholarship at the time of admission. The scholarship is granted only after necessary verification.

I am the topper in my school.Will I be eligible for Scolarship?

No. IIT-HOME offers only the ‘Means cum Merit’ Scholarship, which is meant only for students from extremely weak economic background. Students cannot be eligible for the scholarship only on the basis of merit.

Register your Email
Fill Application Form Online
Pay Registration charges online
Print admit card for 4SIES
Appear for 4SIES examination
  • Visit the ‘Online Registration Portal’ on IIT-HOME website.
  • Enter an email id to be registered against your name for all future correspondence.
  • You will automatically receive your access link for 4SIES 2018 Registration Form through an email.
  • You can access the Registration Form through the link emailed to you.
  • Fill out all necessary fields. Pay due attention to form-assistance remarks for every field, and make corrections if required.
  • You may review and edit your form any number of times before you submit it.
  • Check all your data thoroughly before submitting the form. No further changes are possible once the form is submitted.
  • Your online registration procedure will be completed on successful completion of online payment.
  • You will receive a confirmation email for registration of 4SIES 2018.
  • Please note that last date to register for 4SIES 2018 is 25th June 2018.
  • Students should take a print out of the Admit Card preferably with a laser printer and carry the card with them for the 4SIES examination
  • Students should appear for the 4SIES examination with a calm and open mindset.
  • The 4SIES Admit Card along with the School Identity Card will be required as an entry pass to the 4SIES examination