The 4SIES (pronounced as Foresee) is an innovative examination for high school students presently studying in Std. VI, VII, VIII and IX to help them revisit and ruminate on their school syllabus. 4SIES which stands for 4 types of examination viz. Subject, Intelligence Quotient, Emotional Quotient and Spiritual Quotient intends to evaluate students on parameters more than school studies and report them the observations as indicative findings.
The 4SIES exam is a prelude to the Yearlong Guidance Program which extends the 4SIES ideology in a training program which over an year attempting to make students more independent, individualistic and pro-active while providing minimal necessary guidance to ensure academic performance.
Concept 4SIES

Personality Profile

As an outcome of the diversification of student activity portfolio at school level, students naturally become myopic in their ambitions and targets. Today, all they aim for is to score more marks in the next test or get selected in cricket team. They lag in thinking of long term goals and targets which they want to achieve leading to inappropriate career selection with bandwagon effect. The idea of 4SIES is to evaluate students comprehensively and provide them with guidelines apropos to their personality and inclinations to help them identify possible career options for them.

Exam Fear

When students prepare only for examinations without understanding subjects, examination innately becomes a thing to be feared by them. For them, it becomes like standing in a boxing rink without knowing much about boxing to fight a match which will tag and rate and grade them for a status in the society and peer group. And once fear lurks in their mind, their thinking and creative capacities distinctively subsides leaving them with their memory as the only tool to work with. 4SIES intends to, at least for one illustration, give them a platform where the examination intends to actually examine them and not test their knowledge or remembrance of facts, but to let their minds run freely and creatively venturing the unvisited corners of their mind.

No Scholarship

Promises of huge sum of money are better to be left to lottery tickets rather than relate them to answer sheets. Perhaps the best reward an intelligent and capable mind can get is good training and apt guidance instead of token amounts of money or appeased pockets of his parents. IIT-HOME intends to appeal to sincere students who want to open up their minds to themselves and work for their own development and not attract crowds in lust of monetary gains in the name of ‘scholarships’. This the fundamental reason for 4SIES not offering any scholarships but give everyone an evaluation report which every participating child can benefit from and not just a few achievers.

Concept YGP (Yearlong Guidance Programe)

No JEE Foundation

Today the market is flooded with JEE Foundation programs, which claim to start preparing students form as early as Std. VI. These programs are more and more in vogue primarily due to the deluded perception of parents. IIT-HOME identified that students preparing for engineering entrance examination from early childhood is not only unnecessary but also detrimental to their development as a student. It instills anxiety; over-competitiveness and false sense of satisfaction and superiority over others, while diverting their focus from the basics of everything, which they are supposed to consolidate in their beginning years. The YGP under 4SIES aims to prevent this damage and undo it for those who have already suffered it partially.

Discover Interest

 A very common observation among students these days is the generalization of interests under the ‘Herd effect’ or due to the rat race for existence and superiority. Everybody today wants to be an engineer for ease of securing a job or a doctor for scope of grossing hoards of wealth. This effect is primarily due to the biasing from parents and the lack of honest thought by students about what actually interests them. No wonder we are left scavenging for creators, leaders and innovators in a pool of 1.2 billion. YGP intends to create a platform for students to rise above the shackles of practicality and get a taste of prospective fields that catch their interest.

Understand Studies

IIT-HOME observed from its successive incoming batches of students that the understanding of basic concepts is gradually diminishing in students given the lopsided training system at school level, which evaluates them on irrelevantly diverse and shallow parameters. As a result, students are adept at memorizing short-cuts and tricks to earn marks and embellish their progress reports but do not really understand the crux of what they are remembering. The idea of YGP is to take them few steps closer to what they learn.

Career Direction

The occupational community as a whole is at a loss owing to the incoming flocks of students who are neither clear with what they want to do in life other than earning money nor know why they are doing whatever they are. The idea of YGP is to garner attention of students and help them give a more serious thought to what they want to do or to realistically achieve in life under the given constraints of capability, skills and resources.