The flagship program of IIT-HOME is the Two Year Integrated Program for JEE Main/JEE Advanced preparation. Students receive training at IIT-HOME during their Std. XI and Std. XII years.
Concept JEE

Holistic Approach

IIT-HOME since the very beginning has been adopting a balanced and all encompassing approach towards the academics as well as personal development of its students. We at IIT-HOME plan meticulously to funnel efficiently the enormous academic load of preparation of JEE Main, Advanced as well as XII Board examination, without neglecting or under-prioritizing any of the components. The planning spans the grossest steps of sequencing and phasing the preparation of students to the minutest details like acclimatizing to the new online examination pattern. The holistic approach also engulfs the mind programming of students to give their best for parameters in their domains and learn to accommodate factors beyond their control to ultimately emerge as inwardly contended victors.

Continuous Evaluation

The competitive world, which IIT aspirants vie for, is an instigating and demanding one, which needs everyone to prove themselves at each level. A similar environment is replicated at IIT-HOME. The entire two-year program is divided into four semesters. Students are continuously reshuffled and regrouped as per their performance and other relevant parameters as they transcend from semester to semester. The frequency of reshuffling is carefully controlled to avoid spiking anxiety and fear factor in students.

Individual Attention

Every individual is different and has the potential to do great things and achieve great heights in some area, even if not in engineering entrance examinations. IIT-HOME honors the individuality of each student and does not grade and treat students on their capability of achieving good ranks. At IIT-HOME, due importance is given to all students; perhaps more attention is given to students who are unable to perform as well as others. Good performers are also given a deserving treatment to ensure that their capable minds have continuous munching supply of food for thought.

Hard Work

Hard work with persistence is an imperative but diminishing quality among students today. Even a person of average capabilities can work wonders with hard work and perseverance, while even a bright individual may be bereft of success without hard work. Perceived as instrument of undeniable success in life, IIT-HOME emphasises on inculcating the sentiment and capacity of hard work in all its students. It is said when we want to be strong for doing hard work, we don’t have to develop burgeoning muscles, but put ourselves in an environment, which needs us to work hard and be strong.

Law Observance

A fundamental observation in the DNA of our country is an aversion to rules and regulations. Most of us tend to jump rules or bypass regulations in our own interest, which inhibits the smooth working of the system as a whole. IIT-HOME instills observance of system through a gradual and step-wise regulation. Students are made to bask in an environment governed and run by defined rules and norms to give them a glimpse of an ordered ecosystem which is less likely to be commonly observed elsewhere. The element of tenderness is always safeguarded while implementing the Rule of Law.


One of the unique propositions of the two-year program at IIT-HOME is the regular conduction of seminars at pre-defined intervals, which are spaced strategically over the course of two years. The sessions address much more than mere interaction between students, parents & the institute by sharing the plan of action regarding academics as well as non-academic realms, propositioned by the institute in response to the changing policies of engineering entrance examinations. Few sessions, which are compulsorily to be attended by at least one parent of the student, deal with orientation and guidance of parents regarding their role in supporting their ward’s efforts.

Celebrations & Alumni

The culture at IIT-HOME strives to strike a balance between work and joy because we believe that ‘All studies and no fun makes Jack a dull student’. The two year curriculum at IIT-HOME is smeared throughout with numerous celebrations most of which dawn as a surprise on students. These events play as spacers and relaxers for students amidst the rigorous training regime at IIT-HOME. The alumni of IIT-HOME are an integral part of numerous celebration and guidance activities at IIT-HOME playing an ever-inspirational role.