IIT-HOME believes real education is not about packing in knowledge into one’s heads but inculcating in him strong ideals and qualities which creates for him a distinct existence and identity. At IIT-HOME we intend to create an environment conducive to inculcation and nutriment of such qualities in students through a sustained association with them over twelve years – from school at the age of 12 till the inception of their career at 24.


IIT-HOME believes that it is extremely essential for its students and their parents to be in coherence with the ideas and ideologies of the Institute, and that students can benefit and excel as much as the alignment they maintain with the principles and culture at IIT-HOME. The culture at IIT-HOME is principally shaped by the following founding values:


Nothing great emanates from chaos. Discipline, which sprouts from simple order in activities and conduct, is a requisite of smallest to the biggest functioning systems. For an individual too discipline of body and mind is indispensable to channelize one’s energies constructively for success. Gushing water can only flood territories while channelized water can irrigate lands. Discipline is less of a quality and more of a habit, which requires a conducive environment for formation.


The coherence of one’s thoughts, words and action is suggestive of one’s progress on the path of evolution. True individual is one who is true to himself and is the same – inside and outside, and who does not mind doing the right thing even if it makes him look in misalignment with his surroundings, for the sake of following the right. Finally, it is a rewarding habit – to do things correctly even when nobody is watching. Children are therefore to be oriented from early age to be honest and truthful in their conduct and learn its benefits over short term gains of behavior otherwise.


The rays from a gigantic sun can only warm up water while a tiny pulse of laser can melt metals. Many a times that which generates success is not a huge amount of effort but a substantial amount rightly directed and focused on the achievable. In a highly dynamic and ambitious surrounding, students are required to be taught the importance of focusing their energies and attention on one task at hand and work with 100% percent existence in the present. Focus on the right thing at the right time with the right intensity is surely a key to success.


Any goal only is as much achievable as the faith one has in oneself for achieving it. Doubt and disbelief sever the potency of one’s efforts, while faith amplifies its power. Undoubtedly the first object to lay one’s faith on is oneself, followed by one’s parents, teachers and organization. Nevertheless the feeling of faith is more potent and fructifying than the object of faith. After all when nothing else works, faith does.


It is said that the higher one rises the lower gait one should assume. The ancient Indian mythology is loaded with tales of the fall of achievers who let their little achievements embellish their ego. The last step of success is often the most difficult one owing to the bragging inertia of the preceding achievements. Humility is marked as the last and most difficult of the trials on the way to success, the toughest test being to be proud while not boasting off one’s achievements. Exhibiting humbleness from the depths of one’s heart, and not superficially, on the pinnacle of success is indeed the mark of a true achiever and a truly educated individual.


Sheep and cattle are naturally programmed to follow the herds on their way to destination, but humans have been given will power and the discrimination to use it to frame their own destiny. To exercise this power one needs to identify oneself as an individual capable of existing and functioning on own. Independence as we see it today is not a privilege to be enjoyed but an option to be exercised for the best long-term output. Students today need to be taught to function outside the warm cozy cocoon of parental attention and rise to be independent individuals at the right age.


There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve – the fear of failure. Persistence on arduous path to excellence of a winner as well as that in a commoner’s life requires courage. Stripping oneself of one’s own embalming layers to discover and fight one’s own latent weaknesses and keep fighting unrelentingly against incumbent failures on the path of self-development needs tremendous courage. The famous author – Paulo Coelho has rightly said – the secret of life is to fall seven times and to get up eight times.


The ancient ‘Yoga’ system which prescribes an ideal way of life consists of eight steps – Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahar, Dharna, Dhyana, Samadhi. The observance of the first seven steps culminates into the attainment of the eighth stage – Samadhi. Likewise, as per our education philosophy, the cultivation of the first seven attributes in one’s personality is an assured path to attainment of success. We strongly believe that success is not a material possession to be chased or relentlessly pursued, but it is a journey to make oneself deserving of one’s desire.