IIT, JEE and … us –

IITs which are the most acclaimed institutes of India have an extremely gruelling entrance examination. Its the dream of every engineering aspirant for his future and every parent for his child to get him/her into the best institute of India. With the craze of IIT overpowering the actual dream, all engineering aspirants start preparing for the same from a very young age. They invest more than 4-5 years into preparation for an examination to get into IIT to be eligible for a 4/5-year engineering degree, how pathetic ! As an IITian, I urge to all the aspirants along with their parents to please ruminate and not follow the general masses. Sometimes it really necessary to look before you leap rather than ending up with a career which was never your cup of tea.

The route to an IIT is not at all simple but that does not mean you have to start so early. I myself starting preparing for IIT after my 10th board examination and managed to get a decent rank ending up at IIT Kharagpur. Life was at a crossroad just after 10th when I had to decide whether to go to kota and study in Bansal or Vibrant or stay in nagpur. It was a good decision that me and my parents made, IIT-HOME, the true temple of learning guided me throughout my two years of preparation in Nagpur. I cherish those years of preparing the most What I learnt at IIT-HOME cannot be measured or scaled and it never was mere Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics. IIT-HOME added a whole new dimension to life and the two years were like metamorphosis from a cocoon to butterfly. I could not reach my potential in IIT-JEE 2012, my bad but yeah I shall never regret about the decision I made just after 10th.

Life is intricate. You look back a couple of years and realise how sane you are today and that your future self will think the same about you. You notice how much food you gave to unnecessary thoughts craving for immaterial things. You understand how self-centered your conduct has been. You apprehend yourself for the blunders but experience through its detrimental teachings always has been edifying. No one is perfect and neither can be but the process of trying to achieve that state along with the time involved in doing so is what matters.