The journey which rendered the destination insignificant –

IIT Home is the place which taught me that learning is not just physics chemistry and mathematics, it is something else which makes a person successful, it is the attitude, the positivity that helps you to handle the situation. If you really want something then nothing is impossible. The journey of two years transformed me and my thoughts. It taught me the value of faith, positivity and perseverance.

When I came to IIT Home I wasn’t as good at studies as compared to a lot of students there. I was a hostelite and came from a very small town but I knew one thing for sure that if I work hard I can do whatever I want. In the first few tests my percentile was really really bad, I was nowhere near what I wanted to be. In fact many students already knew a lot of stuff taught to us initially because they had taken some foundation courses etc. and so some of them were overconfident and did not pay attention in class. If I were anywhere else I might had been depressed and had lost hope just in the first few months seeing that so many kids were doing so good. But just after a test’s result Nisha madam took a session, which made me realize that I had so much of potential and I should be happy with the improvement. After all I had time for the final JEE exam and if I work hard anything is possible. She made us laugh a lot too, made us realize it was just a test which determines nothing but at the same time made us realize its value and made us work harder and improve. .

I hardly missed parents because teachers were there to guide us with everything. They were friendly yet strict. All we had to do was to simply obey them, wasn’t that hard actually but many times we didn’t, we wasted a lot of time in 11th class which we could have used in strengthening our concepts. In 11th standard the class hours were fixed and lesser, a few tests every month and submissions so we have more free time. . In 11th standard itself we have to build our capacity to study for long hours, which helped a lot later.

12th standard was full of surprises and hard work. The number of tests and study hours increased. Despite of all this this, environment was always stress free. All we had to do was keep calm and manage time perfectly. We used to have a lot of fun and IIT Home was actually like our Home. We used to be there all day. It was not just physics chemistry and mathematics that we were taught there, but a lot of other things. These teachings helped us go through everything with positivity and will continue to help us take life positively too.

There were so many things to learn that we used to have a diary to write down the things that were taught every day (of course. except the subjects). Despite of all this there were times when we had negative thoughts, I did disobey teachers at times but then I regretted having done so. If you have a nice group of friends they will always help you out whether it is stress or studies. They guide you too and bring you out of the negative phase and teachers are always there to help you out with everything.

The lesser the number of days were left for JEE the more fun we had in classes. Nisha madam’s classes were the longest and the most fun. I used to laugh so much that my face was hurting and my cheeks swelled (yeah this is actually true). Then we had the amazing alumni teaching us which was also a lot of fun. We always thought if these people are only a year older how come they are so amazing. We did learn that later.

Now when I look back I realize that the journey transformed me so much. I would have been a totally different person if I was not in IIT Home and I miss those two years. Every time I feel low or need motivation I just try to remember IIT Home and its teachings, they just seem to have the solution to every problem.