IIT-HOME, a unit of True Education Institute Pvt. Ltd., is an educational institute originated for training of students preparing for competitive engineering entrance examinations like IIT-JEE (JEE Advanced & JEE Main) for admissions to premier engineering institutions like Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), National Institutes of Technology (NITs) and other elite institutions. IIT-HOME, through an innovative program named – 4SIES (pronounced as Foresee), is also engaged in training, guiding and orienting high school students for their studies, choosing their career and living a thoughtful and balanced life.

Under its Mission True Education, IIT-HOME also runs an Alumni Association Program under which, the alumni of IIT-HOME get associated with the Institute for a period of up to 12 years, while learning and developing themselves in the field of teaching, management, technology and creativity.

This section discusses in details about IIT-HOME as an organization on the following subjects:

about IIT-HOME


Our philosophy defines what we believe in and the way we do things we do.

True education is not pumped in and crammed from outward sources but aids in bringing to the surface the infinite hoards of wisdom within. This thought from Sir Rabindranath Tagore is the foundation of IIT-HOME’s philosophy.

Education, which was sacred in the Indian ethos, has today been reduced to merely a means of earning one’s livelihood and as an instrument for creating material success. Education today, for most of the people, is synonymous to clearing examinations and accumulating honours and degrees. IIT-HOME, is striving to change this desultory definition of education by producing TRULY EDUCATED individuals with an essence of sincerity, morality and principles in what they do and achieve. As a potter shapes clay while wet, so does IIT-HOME mould it students and inculcate in them the right values and a positive attitude during the metamorphosing years of their life. While students evolve into independent and matured individuals at the Institute, they are trained to maintain their mental and emotional equipoise through the ups and downs of the testing years of their life. In addition to strengthening its students academically, IIT-HOME is committed to empowering them for a multifariously victorious life and ensuring that every child of IIT-HOME succeed in life and not just a few toppers.

IIT-HOME vows to be a place where learning is enjoyment and growing is fun while inculcating in its students the right values and a positive attitude over the crucial two year span of their student life. At IIT-HOME, the students are raised to maintain their mental and emotional equipoise through the ups and downs of the testing years to manifest the best of their potential and ultimately emerge as inwardly contended victors.

In its philosophy of training IIT-HOME recurrently refers to its seven founding principles of TRUTH, DISCIPLINE, FOCUS, FAITH, COURAGE, INDEPENDENCE and HUMILITY, in the same order, which it emphatically advocates as the guiding steps for students up the ladder of evolution & success.


We study history to know how things that exist today came into being, to know how great people created their world and to get inspired by their vision.

IIT-HOME came into existence in the year 1997 as a training Institute, the first of its kind in Nagpur city, with an aim to produce IITians from the then quiescent atmosphere at Nagpur. Having started with mere 4 students, it has today grown bit by bit persistently striving to attain bigger and broader goals — from producing IITians to producing good engineers to creating successful individuals to presently developing good human beings. The identity of the Institute has synonymously developed from being a Home for IITians to being a Home away from Home, to The temple for learning and ultimately to the Institute for True Education.

Over its period of existence, IIT-HOME has realized a paradigm change in the competitive examination scenario at Nagpur. It has transformed the formerly passive and unmindful environment in the city, towards competitive exams into todays expectant population ebullient with thousands of IIT aspirants every year. This has been achieved by churning out hundreds of achievers and crafting thousands of careers, from a city which had very few successful stories every year in engineering entrance examinations. By doing this, IIT-HOME has also earned the city a respectable place on the national map of competitive exams.

Today, celebrating its 25 years of existence, the organisation stands tall as the unswerving ‘Temple for Learning’ committed to emerge as a centre for dissemination of true knowledge, true values, and be legitimately identified as the True Education Institute.


We study geography to learn the constitution, the boundaries, the surroundings of our place, and to know the resources at our disposal.

IIT-HOME has only one centre in the entire country. IIT-HOME believes in maintaining its high quality level of education by working with selected and limited number of students. It strongly believes that 300 outlets in a country is good for a multinational food chain, but premiere educational Institutes like Harvard, MIT and Stanford exist as the one and only.

IIT-HOME operates in Ramdaspeth locality, at the heart of Nagpur city, adjoining a public garden. [Locate on map] The Institute constitutes approx. 17,500 sqft of area spread across three building premises for its activities in this region. The Institute does not operate any hostel/mess facility of its own, however, being near a prime residential locality of the city, all these facilities are available in plenty within a 3km radius of the Institute.

One special feature about the Institute’s infrastructure is the provision of dedicated Reading Room facility, which operates 16 hours a day, all round the year. This facility, which is designed for comfortable long sitting of students, is used by them extensively for self-study. The Reading Room, which maintains a studious, serene and sacred atmosphere, is a unique offering of IIT-HOME which no other Institute in the city maintains.

Students and staff of IIT-HOME are circumscribed by mountainous tasks of competitive engineering entrance examinations. Prominent among the examinations are JEE Mains – spanning the southern boundaries – which is the basic and largest examination for every engineering aspirant in the country and governs admissions to the National Institutes of Technology (NITs) and prominent State Level Engineering colleges, BITSAT – running along the western boundaries – is the entrance examination of Birla Institutes which are highly deemed private engineering Institutes with campuses in Pilani (Rajasthan), Goa and Hyderabad, and most importantly the northern ranges of JEE Advanced, which are the most difficult to conquer peaks serving as pathways to the premier Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). Spread in the central region are the mountain ranges of XII Board examinations, which are used as preparatory grounds for the higher climbs.


We study physics to understand the forces which govern all natural phenomena as well as the artificial activities around us everyday.

IIT-HOME has been known to positively transform students during their two year training at the Institute in the most crucial years of their student life. The instruments it uses to bring about the changes are Discipline, Regularity, Sincerity, Hard-work and Perseverance. IIT-HOME students who remain loyal to these guidelines draw observable flow of benefits from their two years at the Institute.

Perhaps the first lesson at IIT-HOME is to maintain DISCIPLINE in all aspects of being. IIT-HOME attributes immense significance to maintenance of order in activities and behavior by its students, and also to observing discipline of body, mind and thoughts – an essential hypothesis which people prove and publish in long run.

IIT-HOME is one of the few Institutes, which lay high importance to REGULARITY in attending lectures and all activities at the Institute. The Institute guides and trains its students to be persistent with their decisions and efforts beginning with being persistent in attending classes & other scheduled activities while also being punctual for them.

IIT-HOME believes that persistence accompanied by SINCERITY is 50% goal achieved. The students are therefore taught to be effortful and be obedient in their behavior a well as in planning and execution of their academic chores.

The evolution of IIT-HOME as seen from its history is definitely a laudable one, but few know the struggle and HARD WORK it has underwent, throughout its journey through non-conservative force fields. One’s qualities and one’s destiny do have their role in one’s success; but a negligible one as compared to that of their hard work. IIT-HOME ingrains this very concept into its students.

In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream wins, not through strength, but through persistence. Such persistence coupled with the qualities of patience and passion is PERSEVERANCE which equips one with the magnification to observe and achieve the most distant and seemingly unachievable targets.


We study chemistry to know the compositions of things around us and know how they react and interact to run the world.

IIT-HOME operates as a system based organization, which runs on the aggregate kinetics of its constituents, rather than on individual reacting constituents. The Institute however boasts a team of experienced and qualified faculties which shares a long term adhesion with it. The team of faculties at IIT-HOME is a balanced reaction mixture of people from a wide range of age groups and experience.

Faculties who have a long term association with the Institute include 5 senior faculties among the teaching team of 10 members. This team is assisted by a 6 member team of assistant faculties. In addition to the core faculty team at IIT-HOME, there is a group of over 35 associate faculties, guest faculties, visiting faculties and moderators presently associated with the Institute. This group includes personnel from a wide range of background from retired state board moderators to renowned IIT-JEE faculties at all India level, who have been associated with the Institute for more than 5 years.

Holding strongly to the foundation of IIT-HOME is a team of approx. 30 devoted staff members who, during their association of 7-12 years with the Institute, have witnessed its transition from a miniscule atom to a complex molecule. This team collectively takes care of the 16 hours a day operation of the Institute from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.

The age has begun when students of IIT-HOME, are coming home… to IIT-HOME for a symbiotic association with it. While catalyzing the evolution of IIT-HOME these students are building up on their fundamentals and values. A team of more than 40 engineering students is regularly connected with IIT-HOME developing while working at the Institute. They are accompanied by a bigger team of over 80 students who join the core team biannually.

The nucleus of this highly diverse and proficient team is the Founder and Managing Director, Ms. Nisha Kothari, a lady of strong ideals, who has been the chief energy center in laying the foundation of the Institute 25 years ago. She has been the central pillar of IIT-HOME, spearheading the advancement of the Institute on the path of success while safeguarding its fundamentals and ideals. She serves as a strong link between the students and IIT-HOME.


We study mathematics to learn how just 10 digits add up to the biggest things in the world and are also capable of taking care of the finest of the details as recurring decimals.

IIT-HOME maintains an approximate student:staff ratio of 20 to fulfil its ideology of personal attention to individual students. To facilitate communication of activities at the Institute and performance, attendance of their ward, IIT-HOME operates an online portal which is updated in real time and is accessible to parents 24 hours over the internet.

As a matter of numbers, it is worth mentioning that every year the number of students who vie for admission to the Institute is more than 500% of the total number of available seats at the institute. In ASE 2016, an approximate of 2500 students appeared in the entrance examination for roughly 500 seats available at IIT-HOME. This is a testimonial to the integration of expectations and differentiation of loopholes with respect to time by IIT-HOME as a system.

The mathematical justification of the above fact is observed in the success rates worth flaunting as achieved consistently by IIT-HOME in its results in recent and distant past. Students from IIT-HOME have been regularly achieving success rates of more than 60% in JEE Advanced as opposed to the meagre national level success rates of 4 to 6%, a success rate of above 95% in JEE Main (AIEEE) as compared to an approximate rate of 15% at all India level and a success rate of more than 40% in BITSAT against a national level success rate of mere 1%.


Alchemy is about the little un-preachable secret which helps us transform lead to gold but which can be known only by self-experience.

The astounding figures of previous year results of IIT-HOME indicate the existence of the knowledge in the organisation and points towards the existence of an elixir of success there. However, the Institute carries out its operations with a strong belief that there is no shortcut to success. It is no magic wand, nor potions, nor master keys that can unravel the mystery of success but only our living the journey and learning while playing our roles on the way.

The numbers of past simply tell the legends of what the preceding flocks achieved, but every new batch of incoming students shall start afresh their excursion following a sojourn of inspiration at the doorsteps of ‘The temple for learning’