Another AIR 1 from IIT-HOME. Equally well quantitative result.

IIT-Home has proved it yet again that it’s easier to reproduce inspiring results year after year when the foundation is built on true knowledge, values, and ethics. The institute has shined in JEE Advanced 2019 with its 5 students being in top 2000 AIR, 22 in top 5000 AIR, and 49 in top 10000 AIR. Similarly, in JEE Main 2019, it has made its mark with 20 students in top 5000 AIR and 55 students in top 10000 AIR. Out of 554 IIT-Home students, 205 (all first attempt students) have qualified in JEE Advanced 2019, while 564 out of 666 students have qualified in JEE Main 2019.

The success ratio of the institute is 37% in JEE Advanced and 84.4% in JEE Main. In JEE Advanced, 27% (55) of its students have qualified in the reserved category and 73% (150) have qualified in the open category. While in JEE Main, 17% (98) of its students have qualified in the reserved category, 87% (466) have qualified in the open category, and 10% (69) have secured more than 99 percentile marks. In all, 19 girls and 186 boys have qualified in JEE Advanced, while 89 girls and 475 boys have qualified in JEE Main.

IIT-Home student Vedant Borkute with AIR 1 (JEE Advanced) and AIR 3 (JEE Main) is the topper in the OBC-NCL-PWD category. Abhishek Gandhi with AIR 277 in JEE Advanced and AIR 322 in JEE Main is the 3rd Nagpur City Topper. Saloni Singh with AIR 6983 is the IIT-Home Girl Topper in JEE Advanced, while Gunjan Turkar with AIR 5313 is IIT-Home Girl Topper in JEE Main.

Other outstanding results are as follows: Abhishek Gandhi with KYPY AIR 654, Krushna Bhattad with AIR 850 in JEE Advanced, AIR 680 in JEE Main and ISI B. Stat. AIR 14, Shivanshu Jain with AIR 554 in JEE Main, Palash Sharma with AIR 902 in JEE Main, Sumit Agrawal with B. Arch. AIR 307 in JEE Main, Ayush Pathrabe with B. Arch. AIR 322, Ayushi Ambilkar with B. Arch. AIR 480, Ananya Dagadkar with B. Arch. AIR 604, and Parth Iyer with ISI B. Math. AIR 12.

Students who have done remarkably well in MHT-CET are Apoorv Badar with 99.97 percentile, Krushna Bhattad with 99.90 percentile, Abhishek Gandhi with 99.79 percentile, and Palash Sharma with 99.79 percentile.

Apoorv Badar is also IIT-Home BITSAT Topper with 401 score out of 450. In BITSAT 2019, 19 IIT-Home students have scored more than 350, 57 have scored more than 300, 89 have scored more than 275, and 136 have scored more than 250.

The institute’s XII State Board result is also spectacular with 35 of its students have secured 90%+ Agg., 294 have scored 80%+ Agg., 15 have scored 90%+ in PCM, and 123 have scored 80%+ in PCM. Madhav Joshi, Rushi Yerawar, and Himanshu Choubey have secured 94.15% Agg., 95.33% in PCM, and 95.34% in PCM respectively.

In the highly competitive coaching sector, IIT-Home has adhered to the timeless principles that are often sacrificed at the altar of profits. It is because of this commitment to and passion for true education that it stands tall today as a beacon of hope. Truly ‘the temple for learning’, the valuable guidance of IIT-Home has helped the students excel not just in competitive exams but in life.