Admission Screening Examination (ASE) 2021 for std. X appearing students in March 2019
Forthcoming Events -
Admission procedure : 29th April to 3rd May, 2019 ;
Last Date to apply for Means cum Merit Scholarship - 3rd May, 2019 ;
Waiting List students Admission slot - 4th May 2019 ;
Opening Session and Commencement of Classes - Thursday, 6th June 2019 ;

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For Std. XII students : JEE Advanced Mock Test


The visionary mission of the Institute encompassing student training, not only for JEE but for wider horizons addressing career, values and life, in accordance with the ancient Indian Education system.

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The flagship programs of IIT-HOME for preparation of competitive Engineering Entrance Examinations like JEE & BITSAT for Std. XI and XII students.

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The innovative program for Std. VIII, IX and X students to promote self dependence and hands on career direction exploration absolutely ‘unlike’ conventional JEE Foundation programs.

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From the Director's Desk

In the 22 years of our existence, we have consistently and repeatedly produced IIT-JEE city toppers and state toppers along with record number of qualifiers from the city. The unflinching trust of our students and parents in us throughout, has given us a humble confidence in our teaching methodology, standing up to the expectations of all. JEE for all IIT-HOME students is a passionate journey of learning, experience and evolution wherein we ingrain in each one of them, the triune qualities of discipline, hard work and devotion, ensuring that every child who steps into our folds gets the best opportunity and right direction not just to qualify an exam but emerge successful to the best of his potential.

Ms. Nisha Kothari,

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True Education: Food for Thought
If you’re going to be an effective team, all members must work together. Listen to one another, counsel together, decide together, and then follow through on your decisions together.


June 2019