IIT-HOME, on Sunday, 2nd August 2015, conducted an awareness programme on road safety as a part of Friendship Day celebrations. The idea behind the programme was that on a day dedicated to friendship, it is equally important to be vigilant of our own and our dear ones’ safety on roads. IIT-HOME aimed to befriend students with road safety. The programme was attended by over 1000 students of IIT-HOME of 11th and 12th standard, as well as staff and alumni, at Platinum Jubilee Hall near Deekshabhoomi.

Dr. Ashutosh Apte

Dr. Ashutosh Apte addressing IIT-HOME students regarding Road Safety

The programme featured a talk by Dr. Ashutosh Apte, who is a renowned orthopaedic in the city and also, President of Vidarbha Orthopaedic Society. Dr. Ashutosh Apte began the programme with his lively talk, highlighting the accidents caused by careless driving and overlooking of basic rules. He related his own experiences as an orthopaedic doctor with cases regarding road accidents. The presentation was complemented by real life videos that depicted the consequences of breaking rules. The talk invoked a cheering response from the audience.

The programme also included speeches by members of JanaAkrosh, an NGO actively involved in road safety awareness. JanaAkrosh conduct a number of regular road safety activities in the city, including training at R.T.O., road shows, and safety presentations in schools, colleges, and corporate offices. It has also launched Rasta Suraksha Mitra Campaign, and in process of launching a campaign for two-wheelers.

JanAkrosh, an NGO

Representative of JanAkrosh, an NGO orienting student about the importance of following traffic rules

Mr. Shrikant Godhade, of JanaAkrosh, delivered a compelling presentation about sensitivity of the issue of road accidents. He presented exact and surprising statistics about number and types of road accidents in India. Enlightening about traffic rules, he emphasized the do’s and don’t’s to avoid accidents. He appealed to the audience to prioritize one’s safety when driving on roads. Following this, Mr. Shahare, of JanaAkrosh, informed about the proposed Road Transport & Safety Act. He elaborated on the punishments to be awarded according to the Act if one violates traffic rules.

The programme concluded by a short reminder of the Government’s Clean India mission and an oath-taking ceremony, stressing to abide sincerely by the traffic rules and contribute towards road safety.