My take at Concept 4SIES –

Education is a basic necessity of every individual. It centres about pursuit of questions regarding everyday phenomenon, and satisfaction of the inherent human curiosity. It is this human curiosity to understand more about the surroundings, and improve them according to his benefit, which has sustained human life on this planet for this long. Education, under these conditions, comes as a natural ability to understand and improve.

However, in recent times, this education has been tied up to specific examinations. For example, the education in 11th and 12th has been predominantly linked to IIT-JEE. Not only this, but slowly, this linking is emerging from as early as 8th standard, under the umbrella of the so-called “Foundation JEE courses.” Students are forced to take up engineering as their career option, without them themselves considering and exploring their inclinations. This is one of the many aspects in which today’s educational scenario is depreciating on a general level.

The education is also getting a hit at even lower levels than 11th and 8th. Right from the first day in school, a general student is subjected to printed textbooks and rote teaching. Plain logic is wrapped up as Laws, and Theorems are given without explaining actual practical importance. Inadvertently, every measure is being taken to push the curiosity of the student into dormancy. This results into the quality of the education to be cut down gradually, generation by generation. The education is being transformed into what we can call as “Assembly Line Education.”

IIT-HOME is experiencing this degradation in the quality of students that come to the institute for two year JEE training. It becomes nowadays necessary to revise, or at times, teach them basic school level concepts, at a time, when they should focus on 11th. And this condition can be very easily extrapolated to be imagined on a national level.

This is only about the academics: the personality side is not too bright, either. Students are forgetting their role as human beings: creatures with feelings. They are ignoring morals, ethics, and are becoming increasingly self centered and narrow minded.

No matter how much we criticize, the situation will not improve unless someone jumps into the dirt to clean it. In an attempt to set things right, IIT-HOME introduced to we alumni, the concept of 4SIES: Subject, Intelligence, Emotions and Spirituality, which is targetted at the students of 8th, 9th and 10th, and is not a “foundation course” the fundamental differentiating factor being that 4SIES centers on subject, and not engineering. The idea is to take students along the logical path, from observation to conclusion to formulation. The program intends to give due respect to all subjects, even the usually disliked social sciences, in school curriculum and explain students the reason why they are being taught those subjects. The other three parameters of 4SIES, focus upon the non-academic, but equally, if not more, important part of a student’s personality. They are included to begin to hone the soft skills of the students, with increasing depth.

I loved the concept 4SIES at the very introduction of it, especially noting the depth of thought and purpose behind it. I immediately felt had I got something like this in my school days, how greatly had it helped me to enjoy the un-enjoyed part – studies. All this strongly attracted me to be a part of the Team 4SIES in addition to the realization that in our country teaching is stereotyped as a low profession given preference only after engineering, doctor, management, law and commerce. I believe that it is now time for us to elevate the standards of our teachers and our education if we really intend to effectively tap the demographic dividend of our country. I intend to contribute my little share in the revolution.