Which is the best coaching institute for IITJEE in Nagpur? –

I would like to start with my story.

I basically come from a small town called Seoni which is the neighbouring district of Nagpur. Back in 2009, after I gave my class 10th boards exam, I was having the same dilemma. I was a average guy at that time with just 85 % in my 10th CBSE boards. But I knew that I wanted to engineering in my life. So like all other students of my age, I gave entrance exams for bansals kota, resonance kota + nagpur and IIT Home. I came to know about IIT Home from a neighbor who was unable to get into IIT Home. At that time IIT Home didn’t had a proper website which provided a decent amount of information about them. Because of this, I was skeptical at first about this institute but after giving their entrance exam, I was impressed and all my doubts were cleared.(They didn’t believed in advertising themselves). There were more than 1500 students who were competing for the 280 seats in IIT-Home. We were greeted with drinks after the exam, feedback about the exam was taken and a fun question was asked to all of us and it was all fun. So I enquired more about their past results and I was simply awestruck by the quality of results that they have produced without being in limelight. After the selection results were out, IIT Home had a introductory session where they explained us about their planning for the next two years and about their fee structure. This session was something very different from other coachings which just want to lure students by giving scholarships and discounts. The session provided us with a vision of what we had to do for the next 2 years. IIT Home didn’t had any scholorship scheme but they introduced us to a Means Cum Merit Scholarship which was given to only those who are in a dire need for a scholarship(They don’t accept a income certificate as a proof of your income).

So finally I joined IIT-Home for two years and those two years just changed my life. I was a mediocre student and was not at par with students of Nagpur who went to good tuitions in there 9th and 10th class. They knew a lot more than I did. I was in 3rd batch out of the 5 batches which were given admission. But the constant motivation to students of lower batches and countless efforts by teachers and staff provided me the much needed boost. I started to improve and just two tests before the first reshuffling exam(6 months after the admission), I secured the topper position in chemistry in the whole institute. I performed well and finally got shifted to the 1st batch of IIT-Home.

It wouldn’t have been possible for me to escalate so quickly in the first six months of the two years without the extreme care that was/is given by IIT-Home to its students. I still feel proud that I was associated with IIT Home for those 2 years.

Finally I performed well in all of the engineering entrance exam. I secured AIR 1090 in JEE, AIR 280 in AIEEE and 361 bitsat score which I think was impressive enough for a student who was just a mediocre student 2 years back in his life.